I have just finished a series of artworks which although are not quite sculptures they definitely are three-dimensional paintings.

This makes me think of Enrico Castellani and the beautifully simple description he gave to some of his works: SUPERFICI (SURFACES).

These are unchartered territories which the viewer can explore at will and marvel at the fact that they never look the same twice. Depending on the light washing the three-dimensional surfaces of the paintings the viewer can literally get lost in a sea of colors and in the shadows and highlights created by the topography of the organic textures.

All abstract, some more minimalist and some more abstract expressionist, all are what you make of them but also all carry a distinct signature which make it difficult not to recognize the artist's sensibility as well.   

"Mauro Perucchetti channels a minimalist abstract approach to painting through an expansive yet controlled use of colour, brush and medium using luscious compositions of strata of textural richness and sophistication."