Warhol / Mauro

19 July - 15 September 2012

Notes on the exhibition:

It is important to note that Mauro should NOT be seen simply as an extension or ‘follower’ of Warhol; this is not the case or the aim of the exhibition. 

Aesthetically, this exhibition is a visual feast but more importantly, the duality of Warhol and Perucchetti exemplifies Pop Art in its many evolutionary forms. Warhol created a revolutionary movement in art and culture, elevating the status of the every-day consumer and the cult of celebrity. Perucchetti reacts to consumer society through his work, challenging his audience to consider themes of death and destruction, sex and addiction, asking the viewer to question the limits of excess. 

Warhol/Mauro offers an insight to Pop Art then and now. Offering both obvious and subtle parallels between the two, the exhibition is a mesmerising journey between the origin and potential destination of this genre; an explanation of where Pop Art began and how it will continue to develop and expand.

Installation Views