Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Art of Saving a Life

Vaccines as Love Serum

In colourful  pigmented resin, Mauro Perucchetti blends two of his best known sculptures: Jelly Baby Family, which embodies family unity and multiculturalism, and Love Serum, that could "inoculate the whole world." Mauro hopes the toy-like appearance of his work will help bring a smile to children, and eliminate fear of syringes and needles, while also eliminating the scepticism some parents have about vaccines.  To tailor his work even more to the project, Mauro's original Love Serum contained hearts, now transformed to happy faces, and he has added a safety tip to the syringe, so that no one pricks a finger.  The work uses pigmented resin, stainless steel and a granite base, and stands 35 centimetres (14 inches) tall.


“The global vaccination program is a very big step in getting children a chance at life. I am so proud to be a drop in an ocean of goodness.” - Mauro Perucchetti

January 7, 2015
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